Bandai Namco launches a Pac-Man for gamblers


In the United States, there are people who still take Pac-Man very seriously. Almost like a religion. People who can spend hours and hours playing Pac-Man without blinking and enjoying like a Cossack. That’s right folks, in the 21st century of hyper-realistic graphics and open-world video games, Pac-Man «is still something.»

Pac-Man Battle Casino, the Pac-Man of a lifetime but with bets

Bandai Namco has partnered with Gambit Gambling to bring Pac-Man into the world of gambling, casinos, and hard cash. The invention is called Pac-Man Battle Casino, and it’s a game very similar to Pac-Man Battle Royal, a competitive 4-player arcade that came out in 2011.

In Pac-Man Battle Casino there will be a minimum amount that players must bet, to be decided by the casino that houses the machine, and that «would be between $ 2 and $ 20» according to Darion Lowenstein, CMO of Gamblit Gaming.

Pac-Man Battle Casino 03

However, the prize for the winner will not depend on the bets made on the table, but on a «prize wheel» that will randomly decide the prize money. Pay attention because Lowenstein says that the game will be «skill-based», and that «the CPU will only control the ghosts» leaving the rest in the hands of the player. Is it my thing or are we getting closer to seeing small hordes of geeks raiding the casinos in the middle of the US and sending them bankrupt?

Pac-Man Battle Casino 02

The arcades with the new Pac-Man Battle Casino They will be premiered at G2E in Las Vegas next week, an event that will also announce the casinos that will host this new game by Mr. Ball-eater, the ineffable Pac-Man.

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