Defeating the virus requires a wide network of political and state complicities

Defeating the virus requires a wide network of political and state complicities

The motto chosen by the Government for his return to political activity, «we came out stronger», does not go well with the delicate situation that the country is going through. It is the one with the worst numbers of COVID-19 infections in Europe, the economic blow to tourism this summer has been much greater than expected, the return to school is full of friction and uncertainties, the institutional crisis remains entrenched, to the partner of Government judicial problems accumulate and Vox has announced a motion of censure. President Pedro Sánchez acknowledged yesterday, after the first Council of Ministers, that the situation is worrying, and established a roadmap to regain momentum in the battle against the different crises: health, economic, social and political.

Sánchez once again defended the State of the autonomies, and the responsibility that the communities have in the management of health and education, and announced in passing a series of measures with which the Government intends to support them to strengthen the fight against the pandemic: 2,000 trackers trained in the Army, the generalization of digital media such as the Radar Covid application and the availability of using an instrument such as the state of alarm that limits fundamental rights —developed in a 1981 law—. The initiative, positive in any case, comes with a delay when for weeks many communities have felt helpless because they do not have resources like these at hand that could have been agreed upon before the end of the confinement.


The president was presented with a resounding message that does not admit compromises. There is no room for any partisanship or any emphasis on competence when it comes to defeating the virus; there is no other than to seek agreements to get out of the very serious situation that the country is going through. Too often, the Government does not contemplate problems – such as the legal imprecision that some jurists attribute to the legal resources to decree the state of alarm – which can then have a controversial and controversial path, and other times it sins of not specifying the details of proposals that require precision and development. His timely call to the unit, before a PP that far from assuming his responsibilities accused him of leaving functions, it needs the tireless work of weaving complicities with other Administrations and other parties that do not share the same repertoire of solutions. It is undoubtedly the way, but it will be ineffective if the commitments achieved are not firm and decisive, as was glimpsed yesterday with the criticisms of Podemos, its partner in the Government, of the lack of leadership of the Socialist Minister of Education.

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