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Instagram is one of the most popular social media out there, and many use it as a tool to promote services or products. Paths Social is a tool that can help anyone who wants to boost an Instagram account, but in this article, we are going to see how reliable the service is, and we included a few Paths Social reviews

What is Path Social?

Essentially, Path Social is an Instagram growth service, although they like to call themselves a social media agency. Besides being called “an agency” the service is nothing more than a tool that clients can use to obtain more followers.

Paths social

The main premise of this company is organic growth, but we have already heard that. You have to know that organic growth involves human actions. Sure, there are services that are bots that can perform limited tasks, but there is a human supervising those bots.

If this is the case, then it means you get organic growth since the supervisor is going to make sure the bots work as naturally as they can. Nonetheless, we are making this example because we want to talk about those companies that rely only on the use of Instagram bots.

One thing you should know is that Instagram has a very bad tolerance policy related to bots, so if anyone gets caught using more than one, their accounts will get banned.

How does Path Social work?

Whenever a person visits the website it’s nothing they haven’t seen before. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not reliable. Our main issue with the website is the “Case Studies” section, in which you are going to find different stats and numbers that don’t seem real.

To give you an example, they listed several IG accounts with information on how many followers they gained due to their service, and all the numbers you are going to see are in tens of thousands.

They work with ridiculous stats, not even famous people have that amount of followers, so this is a red flag.

Main features

Here we are going to discuss Path Social’s main characteristics:

Audience targeting

They work with a filter that comes with hashtags, geotags, gender and age. From what we have read, this filter doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Most of the time the tool would completely reject your searches and it would just interact with random accounts that might be bots.


Grabbing user’s attention is a great way to grow your account, but only if you do it right. Path Social will interact with fake accounts due to poor targeting algorithms.

It will only attract bots, which are going to lead to a termination of your account once Instagram notices the strange activity.


This tool offers two tariffs. The first one is called Instagram Elite for $69 while the second one is called Instagram Core for $49.

Path social pricing

To be honest, you can never know how many followers you are going to get thanks to organic growth, and this can tell us that we might be dealing with bots.

Do you see the kind of features that each package offers? Extremely vague, so it’s another negative point.

Is it legit?

Even though they have a pretty solid website, they got their SSL certificate for free. Anyone can do this, so this tells us that they are not 100% legitimate. Furthermore, based on many Trustpilot reviews, you have to pay the second you join the service.

Other clients share that after they paid they never heard of the company again. To see if more clients had the same issue, we searched for more opinions.

Path Social reviews  

TrustPilot is one of the most reliable websites when it comes to people’s reviews. A lot of users complained about Paths Social, and they said that all the followers were fake.

Plenty of them even paid $69 for more than 3 weeks, only to lose money. However, we came across a few comments in which people praised the services. They even claimed to have gained almost 4,000 followers by the end of the month.

As you can see, it’s the complete opposite for every user. There are clients who are satisfied but there are others that don’t recommend the service.

Finally, what we can suggest to you is to trust your gut. If you don’t want to spend almost $70 to get a few followers, then don’t pay for anything and keep looking for alternatives.

On the other hand, if you would like to give it a try because you want to get your Instagram to be seen, then give it a chance.

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