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Do you know what Simplygram is? If you don’t then you are going to find this article helpful. Today we are going to talk to you about Simplygram and we are going to let you know if it’s a good tool to use. Furthermore, we are going to add some Simplygram reviews for you to know what other users are saying about this platform.

What is Simplygram?

Simplygram reviews

Simplygram is a tool that helps you grow your Instagram account using the organic strategy methodology. This method takes much longer than purchasing followers, but it could be beneficial for some users who want to become more popular.

If you have a brand, or you are an influencer you should make sure that your followers are reflective of the groups you want to be able to market to. Also, with this kind of marketing, you will keep your follower’s engagement, but to make sure it works, we need to talk in detail about Simplygram.

How does Simplygram work?

It works using a methodology that needs you to input accounts that you find interesting and that represent the type of followers you want. Once this is done, you can interact with similar accounts to those you have targeted to grow your Instagram account.

With Simplygram you can set up between 25-100 Instagram accounts and direct messages to other users to thank them for checking out their account and then directing them to your current profile.

If we look at it like this, we can tell that this methodology does work, but like anything, It’s far from perfect. The growth you can obtain is definitely limited, so If you are looking for outstanding results, this is not the platform for you.

A real platform that uses organic service will ask you about your desired audience and who you want to attract, rather than asking you to select accounts that you consider might represent you and your brand.

Simplygram’s features


When it comes to pricing, Simplygram offers three different packages for clients. The first one will cost you $69 per week. This first package is designed for personal accounts that want to experience organic growth, and they have claimed that they will have up to 40 accounts sending you traffic.

Simplygram pricing

While this sounds excellent, we have got problems with the veracity of those accounts. There is no possible way to do this without using bots, which is going to get your account banned if you are detected. They affirm that you can cancel this package at any time you want.

The second package was designed for influencers, and it’s going to cost you $99 per week. We get it. This is a lot of money to pay, especially if you are not very popular.

However, Simplygram claims that this package is the key to rapid growth, and it is designed for influencers and businesses. They promise you will have 80 accounts working to get you better traffic.

The third and final package cost $199 per week. Of course, Simplygram promises that with almost $200 per week, your organic growth is going to be even greater. They claim that with this rate, you are going to have 200 Instagram accounts supporting you with traffic.

You have to be very hesitant about each package, because we think the prices are a little too high.


One of the worst aspects of Simplygram’s website are the fake testimonials and reviews they have. You have to check those reviews before paying for any of the packages.

Furthermore, Simplygram affirms that they have been used by very important companies such as Vice and Forbes, when in reality there is no mention of Simplygram on any of their websites.

Also, every testimonial of Instagram users that they publish on their website seems 100% fake.

Simple features

We understand that Instagram is a very simple platform, but if we are talking about organic growth, the services should be professional so that you can get the best results.

Unfortunately, Simplygram relies only on promising results without offering really helpful tools.

Simplygram reviews

Reading customers reviews on Trustpilot is very useful. When it comes to Simplygram the opinions were a mix of satisfaction and regret. Many users shared that they loved using Simplygram, while others told other users not to use this service.

One particular comment caught our attention, and the user said that the company couldn’t be trusted. Moreover, the user said that the Instagram account gained about 40 followers and they had to be removed because they were all fake. As you can see, these Simplygram reviews are very revealing, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to give the service a chance. 

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