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Social buddy reviews

Would you like to boost your Instagram account without doing much about it? Then you are going to need professional help, and many users have used Social buddy as a tool for their organic growth.

However, there are plenty of Social buddy reviews that prove that the service is far from perfect, and this is why we decided to write an article about the platform.

What is Social buddy?

Social buddy is an Instagram growth service destined to help clients organically increase their Instagram followers and likes through different social media marketing strategies.

Social buddy review

They claim that they will get you real targeted followers, and that you won’t have to worry about bots or fake followers. Their goal is to assist you so that you get the right followers looking at your content every day.

Social buddy’s features

Let’s see what the platform can provide to you. First of all, their favorite word is “Niche”. They like focusing on what your perfect audience looks like. This helps them find the right users for you.

Moreover, Social buddy targets people who you consider as competition. This means that if you have a list of influencers as inspiration, Social buddy can target their audience to try to get them interested in your content.

This company also utilizes influencer targeting and hashtag targeting to create a better Instagram engagement strategy to connect your page to a lot more Instagram users.


One of the most confusing aspects about Social Buddy’s pricing is that they only offer one package. This is both positive and negative depending on what you want. It’s okay because it keeps things simple and $99 is not that much money.

Social buddy pricing

Nonetheless, it’s bad because not everyone is going to fit into this category when we talk about budget, so they are probably going to end up disappointed. We agree that they could offer more packages with better options, and this is definitely a reason to choose a different service.

Their team

Most of the companies related to Instagram growth want to surpass the competition, Social buddy wants to build their own reputation among their clients and they seem to be very professional. You can find information on their website about the team behind the magic.

This is a plus for the company. Not every platform provides this kind of information, but sadly, it’s not enough to convince us that Social buddy is 100% reliable.

Is it reliable?

It’s great whenever a company shows that they secured their website with the famous “HTTPS”. This means that as you go through their website, you can choose whether to share your information on the site or not.

Also, this also means that they can rank better on Google, meaning that a lot more customers are going to be able to find the service. Another questionable aspect about Social buddy is that there are not many reviews online.

Whether they affirm that they exist or not, this kind of company should be able to show at least a few positive comments, and while they do have a few on their website, it’s not enough.

Furthermore, its customer support is quite disappointing, because you should be able to get answers related to the service anytime. This doesn’t mean that other companies offer perfect custom support services, but it should be a priority.

Besides Instagram growth, Social buddy offers the same services for TikTok users. However, just like their Instagram services, we haven’t found many comments of users sharing their opinion on how good the targeting is for TikTok. 

The TikTok package is also $99 per month, and they promise you will get:

  •  Organic growth.
  • No fake or bot followers.
  • Following and unfollowing.
  • Advanced targeting.

If we are being honest, TikTok is a lot easier to understand than Instagram. So we don’t recommend this service to you. Instead of paying $99 for fake promises, you could invest that money on equipment to become a TikToker.

Social buddy reviews

Even though there are not many reviews about Social buddy, we found some of them scrolling through Trustpilot. One particular user shares that the service was terrible and that all the followers were fake.

We kept scrolling down and found another comment that said that the service did nothing but unfollow accounts, and those accounts were spam. Nevertheless, other users said that they were happy with using Social buddy, and that their Instagram accounts grew considerably.

Lastly, everything is going to depend on what you need. If you are willing to spend $99 per month just to get a few followers, then give it a chance.



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