The 10 most fascinating urban mobile phone myths in history


false mobile phone myths urban legends about mobile phones and smartphones urban myths

In today’s post we are going to review some of the urban myths or false beliefs related to the use and enjoyment of the favorite gadget of modern society, cell phone. Surely many of the things you will read below will seem crazy to you, and others will think that they are a truth like a temple.

10 great urban myths about mobile phones

In either case, make yourself comfortable, put your aluminum foil hat in place, and look This you are telling me cannot be true

Using the mobile in low light can damage your eyesight

Surely you remember your parents telling you when you were little watching TV at night tired your eyes and that you go to sleep. All of this comes from the idea that reading or looking at a screen that emits light in a dimly lit environment strains your eyes and in the long run it deteriorates it.

According to Dr. Garry Treacy of the Irish College of Ophthalmology, any tension or fatigue that we may feel in our eyes from reading on our mobile at night, is not harmful to our vision.

In the words of Dr. Treacy:

“As we get older, it will always cost us more to read at night. This is due to how our eyes see the contrast between white and black. Young eyes are better at this in low light, but as we grow, we need more and more light to clearly distinguish black from white”.

You can charge an iPhone in 20 seconds by putting it in a microwave

This is a rumor that became very popular on the Internet a while ago. Who in their right mind would put an iPhone in the microwave to charge the battery in express plan? It seems that this whole story came from the Japanese news forum «2channel«, Where they said you could charge an iPhone 5 by putting it in the microwave for 20 seconds, and 30 seconds if it was an iPhone 4S.

false mobile phone myths urban legends about mobile phones and smartphones urban myths

If you want to give it a golden touch, round and round, or cause a small explosion with your expensive iPhone you know what you have to do. Of course, forget about this fast charging method because you are going to get a pretty big disappointment.

You can cook an egg by radiation if you put it between 2 phones

This false myth claims that we can cook an egg by placing it between 2 mobile phones. Phone A calls phone B, and only with the waves they emit during the call, the egg will be miraculously cooked.

false mobile phone myths urban legends about mobile phones and smartphones urban myths

This madness first appeared on the page Wymsey Village Web, and later the Russian newspaper Pravda tried to replicate it – supposedly – successfully. Take it now! Of course, anyone who has tried since then has achieved absolutely nothing …

Using your mobile while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk

Let it be clear that driving while using the mobile phone is dangerous and irresponsible to say the least. But it cannot be compared to driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to the AMTA (Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association) this false myth is counterproductive as what is really achieved is lowering the stigma of drunk driving.

You can open the doors of a car by relaying the key signal from your mobile

Imagine that you forget the keys inside the car and that you have a copy at home. Instead of having to go home to get the other key, you can phone home, have someone take the key and press the button pointing at the mobile. The signal will travel to your mobile and the car doors will open without problem.

That is what this curious but false myth says, since unfortunately car keys and mobile phones use different types of signals and frequencies, making it impossible to open a car remotely with this method.

Calling 999 increases the battery of your smartphone

The latter is already made of fireworks. There is an urban myth in England that calling the 999 emergency number actually causes your phone to recharge. That easy and that stupid.

Well, it was necessary for the police themselves come out to deny it so that people stop calling the aforementioned emergency number. «Calling 999 for anything other than an emergency or police matter is wasteful of resources, keeps an operator busy, and wastes time that could be spent helping legitimate callers in a possible case of life or death. The only way to charge a mobile battery is by using the charger. «

false mobile phone myths urban legends about mobile phones and smartphones urban myths

You always have to let the mobile battery discharge completely

This is a topic that we have already discussed from time to time on the web. Many people still think that you have to let the mobile battery drain completely, otherwise it will use up more and faster.

This belief comes from when the batteries of laptops, mobiles etc. they were nickel and they suffered from a kind of «memory effect», which is no longer the case with current lithium batteries.

Using your mobile during a lightning storm is very dangerous

There is a belief that using electronic devices – including a mobile phone – during an electrical storm is unsafe to say the least.. Many people believe that rays can somehow travel through radio wavesTherefore, playing with the mobile can be highly dangerous for the health of its wearer.

false mobile phone myths urban legends about mobile phones and smartphones urban myths

As long as the phone is not connected to any electrical outlet in the house there will be no problem, and mobile phones have not been proven to attract especially lightning.

What can be dangerous is that, being outdoors, we are struck by lightning while holding a mobile phone or any other metallic object. The skin is a poor conductor of electricity, but if lightning strikes us, it will conduct better through the metal, greatly multiplying its effect and facilitating the entry of electricity into our body.

Mobile phones can cause plane crashes

It has always been said that using the mobile phone on airplanes is prohibited, as it can cause interference in aircraft communications and cause an accident.

For more than 10 years the Ofcom company confirmed You can use the phone on UK planes, so it doesn’t seem that dangerous.

In the words of Adam Burgess, a professor at the University of Bath and author of Mobile phones, popular fears, and the culture of caution, «There is no evidence that smartphones can pose a risk in this regard”. The study indicates that only 4% of hospital equipment is affected by mobile phone use, and only 0.1% severely. Therefore, we can assume that, in the case of airplanes, the percentage would be the same or less, in the worst case.

Using the mobile in an oil station can cause an explosion

In the case of this other belief, Dr. Burgess himself states:

«There have been claims that cell phones have caused explosions at oil stations. But the truth is that it has been determined that the true cause came from sparks generated by static electricity from workers’ clothing. The accusations do not have solid evidence«


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