The Tumblr syndrome (Internet Humor XIII)


Although around here in Spain we only talk about the monothem par excellence – and if not go through Twitter or any other social network – I refuse to put more jokes about Catalonia in this section. Better let’s talk about how technology evolves over the years, and the improvement that this means for the back of carriers. Here is a snapshot of the shipment of a 5 megabyte hard drive from IBM in 1956 …

5MB hard drive shipped by IBM in 1956

Opening nurseries.

opening a nursery



When you hear a strange noise:

when you hear a strange sound

Everyone needs a moment of privacy.


Pickle Rick!

pickle rick

Fencing match.


Electronic music party.

An electronic party

Misunderstandings -or not- of WhatsApp.


The typical Sunday headache:

Jordi Huntado

You can see the previous editions of the «Tumblr Syndrome» at the following list.


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