Bandai Namco launches a Pac-Man for gamblers

[ad_1] In the United States, there are people who still take Pac-Man very seriously. Almost like a religion. People who can spend hours and hours playing Pac-Man without blinking and enjoying like a Cossack. That’s right folks, in the 21st century of hyper-realistic graphics and open-world video games, Pac-Man «is still something.» Pac-Man Battle Casino, […]

Wii2HDMI, the gadget that allows you to play the Wii on HDMI

[ad_1] The classic Wii, contradictory as it may seem, could almost be considered a better console than its successor, the Wii U. Its game catalog is a thousand times that of the Wii U and its revolutionary controls marked a milestone in its time. But it has a small downside: the video quality in comparison […]

SproutSocial Reviews

SproutSocial is one of the industry’s first and most important social network management and analysis solutions. SproutSocial offers a good balance of social network management and analysis that can be the ideal fit for most companies and their social network administrators. Because of its overall quality and depth of features, which range from straightforward analysis, […]

Calculate how much space you would need to download your Spotify playlists

One of the best ways to organize your content in Spotify is through playlists, which you can create yourself or subscribe to others created by the platform or other users. The problem can come when they are so large that they are somewhat unmanageable. If we want to download their content to our device they […]

Windows 10 will receive one of the Xbox technologies

Microsoft confirmed the Xbox Series X for November 2020, the new generation console that is about to arrive and that is planted as one of the most powerful on the market does so largely thanks to a series of technologies that the company has called Xbox Velocity Architecture . An important part of these technologies […]

Opinions about Kicksta

Every day more and more people join social networks , whose intentions are only oriented to create viral content, and once they manage to quickly climb the ladder of fame. Generally, users ask for the best course or the best tools that yield results quickly. People even don’t bother to pay someone to get their […]

The government also hides the reports

1. The government also hides the reports of the Advocacy on the state of alarm . The government maintains its strategy of opacity with Congress. After refusing to make public the alerts that the Department of Homeland Security sent to the executive president, Pedro Sanchez, about Covid-19 in the months prior to the pandemic, La […]

June was worse

Only 2.5 million foreign tourists arrived in Spain in July. That’s 75 percent less than in 2019. The fall is greater if we take as a reference the first seven months of the year: more than 72 percent. 1 SEPTEMBER, 2020EFETUR The terminal of Departures of the airport of Menorca almost empty in a day […]

Hyperandrogenic Dutee Chand

Indian sprinter Dutee Chand, who was suspended in 2014 due to her hyperandrogenism, revealed her homosexuality this Sunday, making her the first athlete from this conservative country to ‘come out of the closet’. «I am in a homosexual relationship and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it,» the 23-year-old woman told AFP. In September, the […]